Rootly is a turnkey solution that brings the best practices from the world’s best companies to those without a million dollar budget.

Teams depend on Rootly to improve their reliability

Incident response is a multiplayer game as the world moves remote.

  • Seamlessly handoff alerts from PagerDuty to quickly declare incidents from your tool of choice like Slack.
  • Automatically involve all the right teams in seconds, not minutes. Beyond just engineering but loop in legal, support, and sales.
  • With intelligent workflows, no more wondering what team owns which service or who should be responsible for what. Rootly does the heavy lifting for you.

Easily communicate real-time status to your users.

  • Halt the flood of “what’s the impact?” requests from partners, support, and other teams with proactive customer communication.
  • Rich and customizable private and public status pages ensure everyone is updated while you focus on what you do best, fighting fires.
  • And yes, unlike paying $1,499/mo for Atlassian Statuspage, it’s free with Rootly.

Incidents are unplanned investments.

  • Learn from incidents with beautiful postmortems engineers want to write without the manual toil of copy and pasting.
  • Accurately replay past incidents to help simulate real world disaster scenarios to train engineers faster and keep their tools sharp.
  • Organized and easily shared, not buried in a Google Doc that can’t be found.

How is your incident management program really doing?

  • Identify patterns and trends with the most comprehensive reliability insights out-of-the-box.
  • No more wondering what the costs of your incidents are or what your next reliability project should be.
  • Pinpoint exactly which services require the most investment, what are the biggest causes of incidents, and how well your team is recovering over time.

Integrate with your existing tools in a few clicks

Start putting out fires faster with Rootly

Rootly is free (forever) for teams up to five. We also offer paid plans with additional seats, features, and support.