Jira Integration

Last update: November 21, 2020


Jira Integration allows you to:

  • Creating an action item in Rootly will create an issue in Jira.
  • Changing action item title, description, status in Rootly will change issues status in Jira
  • Changing Jira issue status will update action item status in Rootly ( See Webhooks section to make this feature works )

You can setup this integration as a logged in admin user in the integrations page:


You custom map your Jira issue status to Rootly ones through the Integration Settings page.


To get Jira to update Roolty action items, you need to configure Webhooks. Additional documentation can be found here.

Go into Jira Software System panel > Webhooks

Create a new webhook and copy the Rootly webhook url into the url input.

Finally let's allow the webhook to listen to Issue events.

All done !


You can uninstall this integration in the integrations panel by clicking Configure > Delete


If you need help or more information about this integration, please contact support@rootly.io or use the lower right chat widget to get connected with an engineer.