Status Pages

Last update: May 13, 2021

Private Status Pages

Incidents, services, functionalities, teams all come with their private status page ( only accessible within your organization ). This is great way to share with your different team an overview of what incident is going on.

Public Status Pages

Public status page are accessible from everyone inside and outside your organization.

You can be personalized your status page and attach services or functionalities.

Publish an incident on Public Status Page

Incidents associated with services or functionalities attached to your public status page are not automatically published.

To publish an incident on your public status page, click the publish button as shown below. A modal will be presented to you to give you a chance to add a title and description your external users can understand better.

Custom domain name

You can also attach one or multiple custom domain names as using the custom domain names input.

Once you save your page, you'll be presented with a CNAME target to point your domain at our system.